The VegasGeek top 10 movies of 2013


December is such a great time of year. You get the holidays, of course, but something else I always look forward to is the ‘best of the year’ posts. Best movies, best albums, best celebrity meltdown, sports team, goals, assists, saves… I could go on and on. I freakin’ love the top 10 lists. I […]

Thanksgiving movie list fail


Yesterday when I was thinking about my post for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to do a list of my favorite Thanksgiving themed movies. I knew my #1 was going to be Planes, Trains and Automobiles, that was easy. But for the rest, I would just hit up the interwebs and see what […]

When success is subjective


I’ve always been a fan of sports. Not just sports, I guess you could say that I’m a fan of competition. I love some of the craziness you can find on ESPN 2 late at night, and I really wish that ESPN 8, ‘The Ocho’, was a real thing. I’m the kind of guy who […]

2013 NHL Playoff Predictions – Repeat edition!


For the past few years (2011, 2012) I have been posting my NHL playoff predictions before the start of the playoffs. Round by round, all the way to a cup champion. So, here we go with the 2013 edition. First round Western Conference Blackhawks – Wild: Congrats Minnesota on making the playoffs on the last […]

8150 days: A Los Angeles Kings fan tale

Taken before game 1 in Phoenix

After purchasing some concert tickets from a broker/buddy he asks me, “Hey, I have an extra pair of tickets for tonight’s Kings game, do you want ’em?” I had never been to a Kings game before, but wasn’t about to turn down free tickets. My wife Chris and I went to the game and watched […]

Visiting enemy territory


It was the day before Mother’s Day and my wife and I were sitting on the couch watching the Ranger’s game on TV. Playoff hockey is always great, but this year is even better than usual because the L. A. Kings had beat their first two opponents and had advanced to play the Phoenix Coyotes […]

2012 NHL Hockey Playoff Predictions

Last year I posted my 2011 NHL Hockey Playoff Predictions, and I ended up going 7-1 in the first round. I came up with Vancouver playing Boston in the finals, but my finals prediction ended up failing. Still, a pretty good showing. With the playoffs getting set to start on Wednesday, it’s time to give […]

2011 NHL Hockey Playoff Predictions

As a fan of the LA Kings, this has been a really entertaining season to watch. The Western Conference has basically been in ‘playoff mode’ for the past few months. For a while there were something like 8 teams separated by less than 10 points. Completely nerve-wracking as a fan. But also, completely awesome! With […]

A date with The Goonies

Celebrating 25 Years of The Goonies

In order to maintain your geek cred, there are a number of movies that are required viewing. The list is really long and won’t even begin to list them all here. One movie that most geeks will agree is on the list would be The Goonies. I am a tad bit embarrassed to say that […]

Membership has its privileges: beer

When you live in Las Vegas, you tend to take some things for granted. Like having 24-hour access to world class dining and entertainment. The idea of “last call” is completely foreign to us. But on a recent trip to Texas, I ran in to something I had never had to deal with before; a […]