How I eliminated 100s of emails per month

White envelope in sky

When people ask me what I do for a living, I semi-jokingly respond “I answer emails.” With a team of developers and a stack of clients, it’s a fact of life that I’m going to have to deal with a fair amount of emails. Keeping clients informed of what’s going on and making sure developers […]

Peaks and Valleys

peaks and valleys

On my company site, we get a fair number of people filling out our contact form looking for help with a project. Believe me, I consider ourselves very lucky to be in a profession where there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of work. As the forms come in, we do our best to review […]

Refining my blogging process


Did I mention that I’m really enjoying blogging again? Well, that makes it sound like there was a time when I didn’t enjoy it. Not true. I’ve always enjoyed blogging, but have typically been too busy to do it. Recently I’ve made an effort to move a couple of the things I LIKE to do […]

It has to be the server issue! Or not.

Bang Head

This week has mercifully come to an end, and not a minute too soon! I’m not going to say it was a terrible week, because it really wasn’t. It was just a bit more chaotic than even I like. And I like me some chaos! Even through the chaos, I was able to wrap up […]

Instant Messenger is the Devil


Software like Adium and Pidgeon are so darn handy. They let you hook up your Google Chat, Yahoo! IM, AIM, MSN and other instant messengers along with access to tons of IRC channels, too. Man, what a great invention. Instant access to everybody I’ve ever exchanged email with (thanks gchat) all at the click of […]

My first week using RescueTime

Facebook Blocked

I spent a lot of time at my desk. I mean, a LOT of time. I’m really trying to cut down on the numbers of hours I spend at the desk and I’m going for the ‘Work smarter, not harder’ approach. So one of the things I thought I should do was track how much […]