Childhood memories and a good wife

I wasn’t one of the lucky kids who’s birthdays was right in the middle of the school year where everybody would make a big deal out of it. Instead, mine was right in the middle of the summer, pretty darn close to the 4th of July. So, as a kid whenever I would see the first fireworks stand go up in the parking lot at the grocery store, that was the signal to me that everybody in the country was getting ready to celebrate. And more importantly, it is almost my birthday!

Last week I left my office to meet up with Rob for lunch and as I turned the corner, there it was… The first fireworks stand of the season! I smiled and reached for my cell phone. I opened up the text message program (while stopped at a red light, of course) and sent my wife the following message:

It is almost my birthday.

Being the absolutely awesome wife that she is, she responded with:

LOL, did you see a fireworks stand today?

… as if I needed a sign to tell me I picked the right woman!

So, how about you? What triggers your strongest childhood memories?

8 Replies to “Childhood memories and a good wife”

  1. Humidity. I grew up in Mexico and Colombia and nothing like walking off an airplane into an absolute wall of humidity to make me feel like I'm 8 years old again for some reason. I've lived in the SW desert ever since then so it's a definite departure from what is now my normal climate. Florida's the only place in America that I feel it.

  2. Awwww, you two are so cute. It gives me hope 🙂

    Today I just saw a little girl with the same dress her doll had on. That reminded me of my Grandmother making my doll and I matching clothes as a child.

  3. Absolutely cute! Whenever I smell a baking cake I'm reminded happily of my childhood. My grandma used to bake cakes for me and my cousins on Saturday afternoons.

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