Flashback time: The year is 1990

Skid Row

After work tonight I stopped off at the bar to have a beer with Carl. We hung out and chatted for a bit and then I headed home for some dinner. When I got home the family had decided they wanted In ‘n Out Burger for dinner. I jumped in the car with Chris and we headed out. We hit the drive-thru and were on our way home in no time.

As we cruised down Warm Springs we saw the marquee in front of Sunset Station that read: Skid Row 8 PM tonight. I turned to Chris and said, “Do you wanna go?” Of course she wanted to go.

We returned to the house, ate dinner and got dressed to go. We arrived at the casino around 7:40. We walked over to the club and tried to purchase 2 tickets. “Sorry, they’re sold out.”

WTF?? How could they be sold out?

Luckily my wife works with one of the guys works at the club. We gave him a call and he was able to score us a couple tickets. Sweet.

We headed in the show started only a few minutes later. They played all the old Skid Row faves; Monkey Business, Slave to the Grind, 18 and Life, I Remember You (a more rockin’ version of it), Get the Fuck Out and they finished with Youth Gone Wild. From start to finish they were on stage about 75 minutes.

The original lead singer is long gone. The current singer says he’s been with the band 9 years. I’m not exactly sure how that happened. I don’t think he was all that good. Regardless, we had a great time and it was cheaper than going to a movie.

I have a soft spot in my heart for hair metal bands. I love the music. I can go and sing along with most of ’em. But Skid Row was one of my favorites back in the day. It was great to see them still out making music and rockin’ it like it’s the early 90’s again.