Rock Band Foot Pedal Reconstruction

Last Friday I got home from work and played a few songs on Rock Band. Right as we were finishing up the rock star ending on a song, the foot pedal on my drum kit broke in half. It was a sad, sad day.

Over the weekend I made a half-assed attempt at finding a replacement drum kit. When that didn’t work I resorted to the answer to most every problem… eBay. Within minutes I found a repair kit for the foot pedal. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who has broken their foot pedal. OK, I knew I wasn’t the only one. I saw postings about broken drum kits within the first week of Rock Band’s release. Honestly, I’m surprised mine lasted as long as it did.

So, here’s some before and after shots of the food pedal:

Broken in half.

Broken Rock Band Drum Pedal 

Replacement parts to the rescue.

Parts to fix the drum pedal 

Take the foot pedal apart.

Taken apart 

9 screws later, we are ready to rock.

Ready to Rock Again! 

Thanks to eBay seller rasehead for an excellent product that’s priced right! Twenty Six bucks including shipping and I’m back to rocking my face off. Woo Hoo!

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  1. I tried this route once and didnt care much for the flimsy add-on. Everytime I played barefoot or with a sock on I would snag the screw heads. Not a huge deal. But after a marathon night of drum pounding, it got kinda old pretty quick.Instead, I tried the replacement version with a solid metal piece. I found a few stores but ended up buying mine from Check it out. feels more like the original pedal but alot sturdier.If this pedal breaks, I'll probably upgrade to a professional pedal and get a mod kit or something. Thanks for the review anyways, everything helps.

  2. hey i need so help here. Similar to what happened to you, I was sitting here rocking my face off too. And out of no where the peddle just stoped working.So do you know if there is anyway to fix it?it's the new peddle, the one that has the diamond plate on it.


  4. ok so I did it a little differant…. I had a buddy make a full replacement pedal out of aluminium plate… he is a machist so it is perfect…. set it up and it does not work… can anyone tell me what makes makes this thing "contact" the base… is it magnetic or siply a vibration contact "shaker" switch if you will?

  5. OK…. I got it….. there is a small magnet in the toe of the orange plate under the pedal… if you "replace" the pedal with anything this is what makes the contact work…. you gotta makesure the magnet is in place. The best way to test is to hook an electrical multi meter to the plug end and run a magnet over the censor…. check for the ohms to tell when the magnet makes…. my meter beeps… it is great.

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