Shopping at Ikea from Vegas

Up until two weeks ago, I had never entered an Ikea store for my own shopping purposes. I have been inside an Ikea a couple previous times, but those were always because somebody knew I was traveling to California and asked if I would pick something up for them. I had never even seen the showroom. Just the customer service counter. But that has all changed.

My old desk
For a while now, I have been pretty unhappy with my office desk. It is a corner desk that doesn’t really have enough room to set thing up other than directly pointing in to the corner. Which is pretty darn uncomfortable in a few areas. It would be hard to explain, but trust my, it wasn’t a great desk for sitting for long stretches of time.

We happened to be in So Cal for a few days, and while we were there I made my first REAL trip to Ikea. I had something specific in mind. I was looking for a corner desk that had a rounded transition in the corner, and it was a must that the edges of the desktop were rounded and didn’t have a piece of cheap board stuck to it that would eventually peel off.

Easier said than done.

They didn’t have what I was looking for, so we started looking at some other options. Even though none of the desks they had on display was thrilling me, I was pretty stoked about a nice table top they had on display. It was a thick slab of wood with really nice rounded edges. I loved it immediately. Two problems, though; it doesn’t have legs, and, it was out of stock. Damn.

After getting back to Vegas empty handed, I checked out the Ikea site and found the desktop I had been looking at. On the page they had suggestions for legs, and as alternatives, these spiffy looking shelves. That was exactly what I was looking for. At that point I knew exactly what I wanted. I addeded the items to my cart and calculated the shipping to Vegas. The shipping was actually more than the cost of the entire desk. Ouch! The next thought was to drive back out to Cali. Round trip would be over 500 miles. Between gas prices and the idea of spending a full day on the road, this wasn’t an option either. I needed a better solution. To Twitter I went.

A friend suggested I contact They provide Ikea delivery service to Las Vegas. I hit up their site, followed their quick instructions for placing an order (sending an email), and waited for a response. The following morning I got back the details. They charge a percentage of the order price for the service, which, when I considered my other options felt like an absolute steal! I confirmed my order and then began the long wait for the weekend to come and go.

First thing the following Monday, I woke up to an email that my order was here. I scheduled a time to go pick it up, and a few short hours later I had my new desk built and was back to work.

The New Desk
My new desk has a lot less real estate than my old one. I am trying to cut down on the clutter to help keep my mind clear. It has only been 2 days with the new desk,but I feel like the new desk helped me reshape some habits. We shall see what things look like after a few weeks/months, but I am feeling pretty confident that I can stick with it.

I can’t say enough great things about ModernLV. Great service, great communication, friendly. I will definitely use them again.

But for now, back to work at the new desk. Woo hoo!

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  1. what is that blinding burning thing coming from the right side of your desk? But seriously what a great improvement John! I see you also reduced the number of monitors. Good call! I had multiple monitors for years and developed the worst pain in my neck and shoulders. I recently installed a monitor arm so that I can raise/lower my single monitor and get it out of the way as needed.

    I think I’m going to follow your lead here.

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