The “Bench in Utah” story

For Christmas I got my wife a weekend getaway to Zion. She was kind enough to invite me along. We made the drive from Vegas yesterday. After you turn off the 15 on to highway 9, you end up going through a string of small towns. As we made our way on highway 9 I told her “If we see the bench again, we need to stop because I want to take another picture.” She laughed. She’s awesome that way.

Flag BenchJust after entering the city of Hurricane, I saw the bench. I pulled over and had her take my picture. I posted it to Instagram with a note saying, “if I’ve ever told you the story of a bench in Utah, this is the bench.” I got asked about the story and since it’s too much to type in a comment, I promised to post it here. So, here you go… The Bench in Utah story.

Several years back, Chris and I came up to Zion and really enjoyed our time here. We liked it so much that we decided we wanted to come back and bring the kids. Part of the reason we liked it so much had something to do with one of the best burgers we had ever had. A bacon bleu cheese burger from Wildcat Willies. The bacon itself was amazing.

One Saturday we woke up and entirely out of the blue decided that for breakfast we wanted to go to Wildcat Willies for bacon and eggs. We woke the kids up, threw ’em in the car and headed out for a 3 hour drive to get bacon. Around that time I was heavily in to photography. So I was excited to be heading back to Zion with all my equipment to take a bunch of photos. But really, the bacon played a big part in our motivation that morning.

As we made our way up highway 9, I saw the bench that was painted like and old-time American flag. I told Chris, “on our way home, I want to stop and take some pictures of the bench.” We continued on and stopped at Wildcat Willies. During breakfast our daughter spilled an entire cup of tea in her lap. This put a serious damper on our plans to go in to Zion and do some hiking. So instead, we stopped and got her some sweatpants and then hopped back in the car to head back home. So it really did end up being a 6 hour trip just for breakfast.

On our way back home, we saw the bench again and I pulled the car over to take some pictures. Chris and the kids were going to stay in the car. I hopped out and popped open the back of the car to grab all my gear. I crossed the street, took a couple dozen photos and headed back to the car. I opened up the back, put all my gear back inside and closed it up. I opened up the driver’s door, got in and said, “If you look behind us right now…” at which point all 3 of them quickly turned around to look out the back window, “you can see where I farted.”

We all had a big laugh. OK, probably me more than them. But, I’m happy to report that the phrase has remained and is still used from time to time.

So there you have it, the Bench in Utah story.

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