Making connections

I want to point back to a post from a couple days ago. In it I spoke about reconnecting with my biological father after roughly 35 years. Like most of my personal posts, I wrote it for myself as a way to help process some of the feelings I have been having about the situation. But what I didn't realize was how much that post was going to affect some other people. The response has been mostly positive, which is great. It has also caused somebody else (who will remain nameless for now) to come out of the woodwork. They aren't personally in a place where the feel comfortable reconnecting just yet, but a door that was previously closed and padlocked shut, may now have opened up just a sliver. I'm excited about this new opportunity and I hope to have a much more in depth post to tell you about it in the coming weeks.

This daily blogging has become very theraputic and I need to force myself to make time each day to do it. Several good things have already happened, and I'm still in the first week.

Here's to many more good things falling from the sky. Thank you, universe.


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