2 Jing features I’d love to have

I have been a big fan of the screen cap software Jing for a while now. I first wrote about it back in 2007 and have been a pretty loyal user ever since. But recently I have been using the software even more than usual. I've been using it to make quick walk-through videos for clients when they need to see how a process works. It probably saves me about 2 hours of typing a week.

As I've been using it more frequently lately, I've realized that there are 2 features that I'd like to see added that would make Jing even that much more powerful.

Feature request #1 – Select a folder for upload

Since I'm using the software to upload shots for clients, I would love to create a folder for each client. Then, as I'm saving my video and ready to share it, I want to be able to select the folder to push it to. The end result being that I could mark the client's folder as ‘public' and then they could browse through the list of all of their specific videos and screen captures.

Feature request #2 – Post to WordPress
This would be another time saver. At the point where I'm ready to share my video, if I could select from a list of WordPress websites that I've already authorized, when I click share, Jing could automatically upload the image or video directly in to the media library.

Hopefully somebody over at TechSmith.com will run across this and, with any luck, these can be added to their list of features to add in… (fingers crossed)


  1. Ricardo Bueno on January 5, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Love Jing! Have used them a lot! I'm a Camtasia client now too.

    • vegasgeek on January 5, 2011 at 3:04 pm

      Yeah, I use Camtasia as well for making longer videos. But for short walk-throughs, you can't beat Jing!

  2. jordanskole on January 6, 2011 at 6:38 am

    Hey John, My name is Jordan Skole and I am one of TechSmith's (makers of Jing, Camtasia, and Snagit) social media guys.

    I found this blog post crawling the twitters for anyone in need of our support and wanted to help answer you!

    1) There is actually a very easy way to accomplish this! Take a look at the following tutorial from our learning center on sharing to screencast.com http://bit.ly/duzQdM the part you are most interested in starts around the 41 second mark, creating new jing buttons. You will need to create specific folders (or screencast.com accounts). If you have any trouble creating additional screencast.com folders please check out the following screencast.com tutorial http://bit.ly/gvlLL4 (you can also create many other output buttons such as ftp server, local folder, etc…). If you need more help with it feel free to reach me directly [email protected] or on twitter @JordanSkole (personal) or any of our TechSmith accounts: @TechSmith @JingTips @Snagit @Camtasia and we will help you with the specifics!

    2) this is a little bit more tricky, and has several solutions as of right now. The first is a wordpress plugin written by some of our developers (@AJMorris on twitter) http://bit.ly/e4NrE0

    You can also, by customizing buttons from above, choose to copy the embed code by default instead of the linking code for pasting in the wordpress html editor (opposed to the wysiwyg editor).

    Lastly, a more complex but related tutorial can be found here, http://bit.ly/gPcaRd you can use the code found in the downloadable files (5:20 in the video) to customize your wordpress theme to include your jing uploads!

    I hope that all of this helps you out! If it doesn't please feel free to contact me directly, contact TechSmith directly, or to dig deeper in our support site here: http://bit.ly/TS-feedbk (I will probably repeat this request in those forums for you in case anyone else is looking for similar solutions). Thanks for being a fan of our products and happy screencasting!

    • vegasgeek on January 6, 2011 at 9:52 am

      Jordan, thank you so much for the VERY helpful explanation. I really appreciate it!

      I'll be trying out your suggestions this evening!

  3. Mike Curtis on January 6, 2011 at 6:42 am

    Hi John,
    I'm from TechSmith and work with the Jing team! Thanks for your support and post! For request #1 you can kinda sorta do that if you create different Screencast.com folders and then make a button for each one. (http://www.techsmith.com/learn/jing/tutorials/share/share-screencast/) I know that's not really what you want, and there's an 8 button limit so that could be a problem but maybe it will help in the short term. For example, I've got one folder for images and videos I put on the Jing blog. Then I have a personal folder as well as a folder for work-related stuff.

    I'll pass this on to the team too!

    • vegasgeek on January 6, 2011 at 9:54 am

      Hi Mike! Thank you for the link. It may not be 100% what I'm looking for, but I think for the short term it's going to work just fine!

      I really appreciate your quick reply. Thanks!

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