2015 Burpee Challenge

Last year my buddy Scott invited my wife and me to do a few fitness challenges. The first one involved doing roughly 6000 burpees in honor of soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. I skipped that challenge, but Scott and Chris both completed it, which was absolutely amazing. The second challenge, which all 3 of us completed, involved doing 50 double-unders each day for roughly 6 months in honor of those same fallen soldiers.

With my recent dive in to fitness and a love for challenges, I reached out to Scott. The conversation started like this…

Me: With January 1st just around the corner, we have the opportunity to start a new fitness challenge and maybe make it something that we do for the whole year.

Scott: Well, there have been ove 20,000 police officers killed in the line of duty. We should do 1 burpee for each officer over the course of 2015. Plus, we can donate a dollar a day to a charity.

2 things immediately came to mind:

  1. He’s insane, just like me.
  2. I should think twice before I ask him to help decide on a fitness challenge again.

“It’s only 55 per day”

I’ve invited several people to join the challenge, which is fun because t’s usually hard for them to hide the “you're crazy” look on their face. 20,000 is a huge number, I get that. When you think of it as one big chunk, it can feel overwhelming. But when you break it down and realize it’s only 55/day, well… ok, that’s still a lot of damn burpees.

Anything this insane is definitely worth doing with friends. Although I’ve recieved quite a few rejections, I’m pleasantly surprised to have already found a handful of people who are interested in joining in the “fun”.

So now, dear reader, I make the offer to you. Do you want to join in the fun? If so, head over to the contact form and drop me a quick note. I’ll send you a username/password to a private site I’ve set up in order to track our progress.

You've got questions

There have been several questions that have come up while talking to people about the challenge. So, before you sign up (subtle hint), here are some answers to questions you may be having.

What is a burpee?
Here’s a video demo

Do I have to do all 55 at once?
No. You are welcome to break them up throughout the day.

What if I get sick and miss a day, can I make it up?
While I don’t think doing 110 burpees in a day sounds like much fun, yes, you can absolutely make up burpees you missed.

Can I do more than 55/day?
The goal is to reach 20,000 by the end of the year. How many you do each day is entirely up to you. You need to average 55/day in order to reach that goal. My plan is to start out doing 75/day in order to bank some extras to allow for a day off when I want/need one.

Do I have to donate?
The donation is totally optional and is also up to you to take care of. I won’t be collecting any money from anybody. Just pick a charity that you think deserves the money and send it their way.

Where do I sign up?
Subtle hint #2! I’m on fire over here! You can sign up to join us using the contact form found here.

I didn't see this post soon enough. Can I join late?
Heck yeah. Get to work on catching up!

Are you insane?
We covered this earlier. Probably a little, yeah.

Looking forward to having you join us!

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