A short story about a shirt

Micky & the MotorcarsTo say I have a lot of t-shirts would be quite an understatement. I go to a pretty good number of conferences and other events that hand out free shirts, I buy funny shirts from places like 6dollarshirts.com, and I absolutely love buying shirts from concerts I attend. This Micky & the Motorcars shirt falls in to that last category.

I've had the opportunity to see the band in concert several times. I've seen them here in Vegas, in Arizona, Los Angeles, Reno, Solana Beach (near San Diego), Texas, Bakersfield and even up in the middle of Idaho. And, I'm pretty darn happy to say I'll be getting to see them in LA and Solana Beach next week. But if you asked my which one of these shows I bought the shirt at, I'm not sure I could tell you. Although, I'd likely guess it would be the first time I saw them here in Vegas when they opened up for Cross Canadian Ragweed at the House of Blues.

This weekend we went to see Wade Bowen at Brooklyn Bowl, a very cool new concert venue here in Vegas. As is usually the case when seeing a good country music concert, we were joined by our friends Jake and Diane. The show was great and we had a fantastic time.

On Saturday, as we were getting ready for the show, I went in to my closet and was shuffling through the dozens of shirts I have hanging in there. I got to the red Micky shirt and I paused. I reluctantly pulled it off the hanger and slipped it over my head. I stepped out of the closet and took a look in the mirror, and for the first time in more than 2 years I could see that the shirt fit. I was stoked!

You see, it was about 2 years ago that I started buying XXL t-shirts.

My Micky shirt is an XL.

When we got to the concert on Saturday, we walked up to the t-shirt vendor to check out the goods. The first thing the guy says to me is, “Great t-shirt!” I smiled and said thanks. He has no idea how great that shirt was on that night.

But I have to agree, great t-shirt.

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  1. Nichole Burns on August 12, 2014 at 7:17 am

    Love that! Well done! Enjoy your new wardrobe 🙂

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