Advertising at it’s finest

Everything you see or hear is driven by advertising. Somebody somewhere is trying to get you to buy SOMETHING at all times. I understand this and it doesn't really bother me. But, what does bother me is stupid advertisers… Here are two great examples of stupid avdertisers:

#1. (received via email) “Want to stop spam? We have proven spam filter software that will drastically reduce the amount of spam that makes it to your inbox.”

#2. (seen in a pop-up) “Tired of all those darn pop-up ads? Our pop-up blocker eliminates 100% of internet pop-ups.”

So, let me get this straight… if I use your email blocker, I wouldn't get your ad and if I use your pop-up blocker, again, I wouldn't get your ad. PERFECT! Sign Me Up!!!

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