An evening with Chuck

Last night the wife and I met up with Andy, George and Jen at the UNLV Student Union to see my favorite author, Chuck Palahniuk, speak as the keynote presenter for the Vegas Valley Book Festival. We got there nice and early and ended up about 10th in line. This worked out quite well as we ended up on the aisle in the 4th row. This worked out nicely as Chuck likes to bring gifts for the audience. He started out by unloading around 100-200 mini-bottles of alcohol which he tossed out to the crowd. He had some of the people in the first couple rows take big handfuls and deliver them to the back of the room. I while later he opens up a few boxes of rubber bloody stumps that he threw out in to the crowd as well. I was lucky enough to be on the aisle where one had fallen basically at my feet and I picked it up. Chuck signed it for me after the show.

It was great getting there early because after he spoke for a while and then did a Q&A which also lead to several great anecdotes, they said he would stay and sign as many books as there were to sign. They basically let people get in line one row at a time. This meant we waited probably 20 minutes rather than the 90+ minutes I’m sure the people in back had to wait.

Chuck told so many great stories. I won’t dare try to retell one here as I’m sure I’ll butcher it. But, ask me to tell you the pug dog story some time. It’s a gem!

Thanks, Chuck. I had an awesome time!

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  1. Nichole on November 7, 2006 at 12:39 am

    That is so cool. The Picture you took with him came out awesome. Nice and clean and close up, no squinting to see who's in the picture 😉

    Glad you had a good time!

    Love you!