An expensive week

Why is it when something expensive happens, something else expensive usually likes to follow right behind? Or, in the case of this past week, expensive comes in threes.

I don't know how many of my loyal readers know that my son had eye surgery when he was really young and wore for a few years. He had a lazy eye that seemed to get better over time. After some time wearing the glasses, his eyes got better and he no longer had to wear glasses.

Fast forward to last week. Paxton's eyes have been going back to their old ways. He had an eye appointment and it was determined that he once again needs glasses. New frames and lenses to the tune of $450. Ouch.

Next it's time for Chris to go for an MRI on her shoulder. She has been in considerable pain recently and one of the doctors she's seen recently thinks that she may need surgery. Another doctor thinks that she has a tear that may just need some time to heal. Hopefully the MRI will show that she doesn't need surgery.

When it came time to pay for the MRI, the gal behind the counter said, with a straight face, $450. Ouch again! I have no idea why our insurance didn't cover more of this. I'm going to have to resubmit the claim and see if they'll reimburse us for some of that. Brutal.

As if that wasn't enough, let's talk about the enjoyment of home ownership. A couple years back we replaced our air conditioning units. Talk about sticker shock. Well, when you purchase brand new units, you would assume that you will go at least a few years without requiring repairs, right? Right? Wrong! Shortly after having them installed we ended up having to have one of them replaced. That was on their dime, so I didn't care too much. However, when we had the company out last week to figure out why our upstairs unit was blowing nothing but warm air, he gave us two options: replace the compressor (no charge} or, replace the unit ($700). The $700 being the cost of renting the crane and what-not, but damn, that's a lot of coin. So after some debate, we went ahead and opted for the free route. I'm fairly certain this will come back to bite me in about 4 years, but really, who knows where any of us will be in 4 years.

And finally, the garage door. Our garage door opener has been acting up lately. On Friday we made an appointment to have the opener replaced on Monday. The new opener plus installation was going to cost us $250. Thanks to being home sick, I was able to see when the installer pointed out that not only was the opener itself dead, but one of the springs had also snapped. Go ahead and add an additional $260.

So there ya go. The joys of home ownership and medical bills. There is NEVER a good time for unexpected expenses. But why does it always seem to happen at what feels like the worst possible time?

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