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Harry Potter, Summer 2004

MGM is looking to make a spoof of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies. Done in the stile of Scary Movie. It sounds like it'll be funny. Check it out.

Matrix: Revolutions

There's nothing like getting 19 people from the office to all go see a movie at the same time. First off, it's a lot of fun just to hang out with the team away from the office. Second, and more importantly, when the movie is over, the chatter to follow is always fun…

Given that I work with a bunch of geeks, it's no surprise that we all went to see Matrix: Revolutions the night it came out. More of a surprise is the fact that we didn't go to the first showing of the day…

Advertising at it's finest

Everything you see or hear is driven by advertising. Somebody somewhere is trying to get you to buy SOMETHING at all times. I understand this and it doesn't really bother me. But, what does bother me is stupid advertisers… Here are two great examples of stupid avdertisers: #1. (received via email) “Want to stop spam?…

The Internet is dying…

OK, it's not really dying. But, many of the sites on it have died and been forgotten. I'm fairly certain I'm guilty of this myself.

Let the IRC battle begin…

Here's a site that takes funny snippets from IRC chat sessions and lets people vote on their favorites. Here are the Top 50 Entries and Number 51-100

More Halloween Fun

When I was a bit younger, I'd spend a couple days designing my pumpkin and then I'd spend hours carving it. As I get older, I've noticed that my time spent planning and time spent carving have DRASTICALLY gone down… Now, I'm lucky if the entire process takes an hour. Thankfully, these guys have kept…

It's never too early for Christmas carols.

You can just never underestimate the depths to which geeks will go to be geeky! Need proof? Here it is

Getting ready for Halloween

How many of these plastic costumes I wore on Halloween year after year I can't recall. I'm sure I thought I was cool at the time…. However, I believe these are properly named as being the Worst Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween

Here's a little halloween treat for you. Happy Halloween