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Denny's RPG

This also falls in to the “too much time on one's hands” category… Click below to read the full transcript.

Rocket Car

I'm still amazed that nobody ended up losing any body parts and that we didn't end up on “Real TV” for blowing somebody up… Watch the videos here: Take 1 – Take 2 – Take 3

No wonder they work in fast food

This story could also have been named “Fast Food Annoyances Part 2”

I went to lunch with a couple guys from work. We went to a greasy burger joint across the street from the office. I thought I was ordering something pretty standard, but I could be wrong… When I got to the front of the line I ordered a double cheeseburger plain. I sat down and a few minutes later one of the workers brought my order to the table.

Yes, I really have the coupon!

[another old story that made me chuckle…]

Yesterday we received a new coupon sheet in the mail from Papa John's Pizza. We had decided to place an order for delivery…

World's worst white rapper

Check this kid out. I'm sure he's gonna be the next “Star Wars Kid”. And, he's probably gonna get his mouth washed out with soap when mom finds this…

WAY too much time on one's hands…

Holy crap! Here is the world's longest palindrome. I can't even begin to think how long this must have taken.

Fast Food Annoyances

[This is a true story I wrote a few years back. Found a copy and thought it might get a chuckle or two…]

Until recently, I have been one of the biggest fast food junkies around. It wouldn't be uncommon for me to have both lunch and dinner from a place that has a drive-thru window…