BlogWorldExpo: What’s your purpose for going?

Tomorrow morning is the start of Blog World Expo. I'm excited that the day is finally here. I've been waiting (not-so) patiently for months. I'm schedule for two full days of conference sessions and am also looking forward to walking the exhibit hall and checking out all the vendors and the new blogging/podcasting gadgetry they've got on display. My excitement got a big boost at the end of September when I attended the Podcasting Expo in Ontario, CA. Given the fact that Blog World is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, I'm expecting this to be several times as big as the previous expo.

As I was driving home from work today I was thinking about how lucky I am not to have to take extra time off work, pay for a hotel or plane ticket to come to Las Vegas in order to attend the conference. That thought was quickly followed by, if I wasn't here in Las Vegas, could I justify the trip? Yes, it's going to be a great show. Yes, I'm excited to go. But, I currently don't make enough money from my blogging efforts to pay for any portion of the trip, so would I learn enough at BlogWorld to make the expense worth my time and more importantly, worth my money? For me, it all boiled down to one all encompassing question:


One of my main purposes for attending has to do with my full time job. The company I work for could really benefit from a healthy dose of corporate blogging. We have so much information that needs to be shared with our advertisers and publishers that a little bit of less formal communication would benefit everybody involved. So, I'm heading to the expo in search of guidance with moving my company in to the corporate blogging arena with a vengeance.

Other than that, I'm also interested in finding like-minded people who may want to work on blogging/podcasting projects with a group. As much as I like being in charge of all the content that hits my site, it sure would be nice to have some other people involved who have a vested interest.

If you plan on attending (or if you read this after you get back, already attended) Blog World, what is/was your purpose for going?

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