“But, it’s a dry heat”

Ahh Vegas in the summertime! Who doesn't love a steady two months of triple digit temps? Funny thing is, once you live here for a few years, the weather barely bothers you. I think people with kids have it tougher because of hot car seats and such, but us adults really get acclimated fairly quickly. I've always joked that Vegas is one of the only places in the world where you'll here, “Man, it sure is nice. It's only 99 outside.” Still, prior to living here, I thought people who said, “but, it's a dry heat” were on some sort of crack. 110 degrees is damn hot no matter if it's dry or not… Well, after living here 5 years (and one week) I've found myself fully understanding the difference and it's now a saying that I've used a lot. If I wasn't already sold on the dry heat, this week has definitely closed the deal for me!

On Tuesday after work, Chris and I drove to California to pick up our daughter who had been staying with grandma in Lomita. We got there in time for dinner at Captain Kidd's and then we both went to the movies with friends/family. We then crashed at my sister's place and set the alarm for 6:30 so we could get up and drive down to the beach to run on the strand. Walking out the door we both noted how humid the air was in Lomita. We had no idea what we were in store for.

We arrived in Redondo Beach about 15 minutes later. We parked on the Esplanade and got out to start our run. That's when it hit us. 75% humidity! It was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. What was worse was trying to breathe through it. We walked down to the strand and began our warmup. After taking the first 3 steps I was soaked. It was horrible. By the time we were done with our 30 minute run I was twice as sweaty as I would have been had I been running in Las Vegas and the temperature outside was no higher than 75 degrees.

So, next time somebody says, “But, it's a dry heat” you don't need to look at them like they are completely mental. There is actually something to it.

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  1. Sam (DaMule) Hennessy on July 6, 2007 at 6:53 am

    I’ve got to say I can stand almost any amount of dry heat but my humidity tolerance is very low.

  2. Justin on July 13, 2007 at 12:50 am

    Fun fact: the last non 100+ degree day in Las Vegas was June 12: