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Crossfit, Pain & Depression

For many of us tech folk, our hobbies usually revolve around our day to day work. For example, at my past several jobs, my work was building websites. Then, in my spare time, I’d build websites. Doesn’t sound like much of a break, does it? About 2 years ago, I found CrossFit. It was exactly…

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I’m breaking up with beer

Last June when I started losing weight, I cut back on the amount of beer I drank, which in turn helped with the weight loss. No shock there, right? No, the shock for me and beer would come several months later. I don’t recall the exact event, but I’m sure it had something to do…

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CrossFit & Motivation

It’s been a while now, but I used to play beer-league ice hockey on a pretty regular basis. That slowed down a bunch once I moved to Las Vegas. Then when I hurt my knee in 2007 training for the half-marathon, I went ahead and got rid of all my equipment that had been gathering…

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How CrossFit has lead to a happier, healthier me.

A few weeks back, my buddy Sean sent me the following email: Clearly CrossFit¬†is working for you. Can you tell me about some of your experiences? Honestly a lot of this reminds me of how I used to work out in high school / college. Granted that was… forever ago… but watching you has me…

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