First CrossFit comp. Didn’t die.

When I first signed up at my new CrossFit box, a few guys were talking about an upcoming competition that they were planning to go to called The Axel CrossFit Showdown. It sounded like fun, so I signed up. A few weeks later they started posting the workouts that we would be doing at the…

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My CrossFit Honeymoon

Six months ago today I stepped in to a CrossFit box (that’s a gym in CrossFit parlance) for the first time. I hadn’t had much success with memberships at other gyms in the past, but my friend had been telling me about how much CrossFit had helped him get in shape, so I wanted to give it…

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CrossFit & Motivation

It’s been a while now, but I used to play beer-league ice hockey on a pretty regular basis. That slowed down a bunch once I moved to Las Vegas. Then when I hurt my knee in 2007 training for the half-marathon, I went ahead and got rid of all my equipment that had been gathering…

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