Contest #2: Domain Name Dilemma

You may or may not know this about me, but I LOVE buying domain names. A couple years back I owned about 50 domain names and started feeling very overwhelmed and unproductive, so I sold the bulk of them to Jason. Since then I've slowly built up my stable of domains again and am back to owning about 40 domains. You would think that my previous experience would keep me from doing this again. But you'd be wrong.

This weekend I won an auction on eBay for a new domain name. I'm a sucker for 4 digit domain names already, but when I saw this one was about to expire and nobody had bid on it, I just HAD to throw my $0.99 at it. And now I'm the proud owner of

I was sitting around thinking to myself, “what will I do with this new domain name?” Nothing good comes to mind, so I thought I'd leave it up to my readers in the form of a contest.

The contest is simple. Come up with the best idea for a site (or blog) to use on and win $10 via paypal. Once again, I'll be the only judge here. Leave a comment giving me the basics of your idea. If you send the winning entry, I'll pick your brain (as needed) for additional details. And, if it turns in to a viable money making project, I will also give you 10% of the profits for the first 12 months.

If you feel your idea is too good to share in an open forum such as the comments, feel free to email it to me at john [at] johnhawkinsunrated [dot] com.

All entries must be received by Midnight, Sunday, October 5th.

Good Luck!

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  1. Grygorius on September 28, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    OK, John…you're REALLY challenging this feeble brain of mine, but I think I am up to at least getting the contest started.You are a blogger – granted. So this idea may fly…or it may dive into the Himalayans, never to be found again.I did what any normal human being would do nowadays if they want an answer to a difficult, timeless, or otherwise challenging question: I Googled it.I came up with about 24,200 hits on "PSSW", which all had great ideas behind them but only one (of course on the second page of 10) really got my wheels creaking."PSSW" is like something a cryptographer would remember if they were forced at gunpoint to remember a site that was really cool, meaningful, or had something on it they want. But the average human being will not be able to identify it as anything but an acronym.My idea is a little avant-garde (in my mind), but….What if a blogger or someone who comments could do it anonymously? In this case they could write anything they wanted without being identified. What if only IP address was recorded, not displayed, and they could say anything they want, without censoring or approval, with guaranteed anonymity? I wonder how many people would visit a site where comments from every part of the globe on whatever subject they wanted to vent about, and comment about – in complete anonymity. No need for tracing, taking responsibility for the words, or feeling guilty or like you had to censor yourself – for whatever reason. Opinions would be the focus, not fact. Gossip, libel, slamming, self-complimenting, supporting would all be acceptable, because no one would know who posted it. Give Yahoo, et al, the fighting chance they deserve by reviving the inane sign up for a totally random email address to do silly (although potentially mischievous) things online – help create a place for spammers to send their rejected zeros and ones.Membership is not needed – identity is optional. Where is a blog that doesn't have you login in order to leave a comment?I'll tell you: Post-Scripted Sassy Weblogging [dot] org! (or something similar :S)The idea is to buck conventional blogging – and giving the user "free love" and free reign when expressing themselves with a keyboard.Got a fear? – admit it! Commit murder? – confess it! Wanna knock boots with somebody in particular? – tell them! All in the privacy of your own anonymity – and tell it to the world! Want to compliment yourself? – go for it!What could be censored – phone numbers? Names? Social Security Numbers? Other personally identifying information? Probably – but that is up to the website owner, now isn't it?Conversations? Possible…with a 16 digit, randomly-assigned number to the secretly-registered IP address. Confused? Use the last four digits to respond to a user. Still Confused? Who cares!Easy to use – Anonymous, Guaranteed – Liberty to LinguisticizeIs it possible – can it happen? …will it happen? Is this a new idea, or an old one that's failed miserably before and there's no hope for it? Or is it a come-back kid?Free Form blogging – no subject, no target, blah-blah-blah unbound. Chaos.You ARE into Chaos, aren't you John? (I mean as a hobby.)