Cruise: Day 3

This morning we stopped at Icy Strait Point. They don't have a dock big enough for the ship so we anchor off shore and use the tenders to ferry back and forth to land. We had booked an excursion for the early afternoon, so we got up, had breakfast and took our time getting in line for the tenders, letting everybody who had earlier excursions get off first.

It was wicked cold and rainy so Chris and I ended up buying waterproof jackets before we went on our tram tour. Somehow we didn't pack enough warm clothes. Everything we read before our trip indicated it would be warmer than it is. Add to that the fact that I'm a wimp…

Our tram tour was pretty cool. Unfortunately the only wildlife we saw was a single bald eagle in it's nest. Our tour guide had a high-powered binocular that she set up and let us all look through. It was pretty amazing. As it turns out, this area of Alaska houses more than half the bald eagles in North America.

By the time our tour was over, we were all quite cold and ready to head back to the ship. We came back and took some warm showers, rested up and then headed on down to dinner. I believe I'm getting the hang of ordering dinner on the cruise. It sounds something like, “I'll have the beef and veal tortelinni, then I'll have the salmon and then I'll have the steak. And for dessert, I'll have the pineapple coconut cake.”

After dinner we toured the ship a bit more, hung out on our balcony and by 10:30 the sun had still not set. We closed the drapes and called it a night. Vacationing is tiring work…

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  1. jason on June 15, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    Sounds like an awesome vacation so far (and I'm only half way through)! But the eagle gave me an awesome idea. Go back, setup a webcam and a satellite IP. Point it at the eagle's nest. I bet there are friggin huge eagle eggs there. They'll hatch soon and everyone will want to see. Millions of people will visit! People will think Hawk'ins is your "public" name. You'll get booked on David Letterman, bumping Jack Hanna from the schedule. You'll have drinks with effing Biff Henderson!

    sigh. I blame the coffee this morning. Still, you better jump on that idea before someone else does.