Cruise: Day 4

Today we got up early and headed down to the main dining hall for breakfast. The food was way better than in the buffet. I had a fantastic Western Omelet. We ended up being seated with 3 other couples, it was nice to sit and chat with some new people. Until now all our meals have been just the four of us.

By the time we finished our breakfast, we had nearly reached Hubbard Glacier Bay. We started seeing a fair amount of ice in the water and some small icebergs. It was really quite thrilling. We ran up to the room to grab some warmer gear and headed on out to deck 5. This would get us as close as we could get to the glacier itself. When the ship had pulled as close to the glacier as possible, we were less than half a mile away. The ship then rotated slowly in place for the next hour or so. This gave everybody a chance to get a spectacular view of the glacier.

We moved up to deck 12 and found a great spot along an empty railing. Within 10 minutes or so we had front row seats for viewing the glacier. The weather outside was fantastic. For a while I was wearing only a t-shirt and undershirt with my sweatshirt wrapped around my waist. While we were watching the glacier, we were treated to an amazing display as we got to see TONS of ice go crashing in to the bay as huge chunks dislodged from the glacier itself. This is called carving. I've seen it on TV, but seeing it in person was absolutely awe inspiring.

Once we set out to open sea again, Chris and I entered the slot tournament in the casino. I took first place in my round which put me in the finals. In the final round, my machine didn't hit like before and I ended up in 3rd or 4th place.

In the afternoon we finally tested out the solarium. This is an indoor pool that is for adults only. But, from noon until 4pm kids are allowed to swim, too. Our daughter is 1 year too young to swim in there full time, so we wanted to take advantage of the available time. The water in the pool is quite salty. We hung out in the jacuzzi and chatted with some fellow passengers. Then we all headed back to the room and took showers and got ready for dinner.

I would say that I have definitely figured out how to order on the cruise ship. I ordered 2 appetizers and two entrees. After I was finished with the second appetizer, the waiter offered me a third appetizer that he already had on his cart. Of course I took it. Then came round one of dinner; Lamb shank. It was fall-off-the-bone tender. I followed that up with an order of jumbo shrimp. And then, for dessert warm chocolate cake with ice cream on the side. It's amazing I didn't burst.

After dinner we waddled back to our room. We have an early excursion tomorrow, so we hit the sack. We are set to dock in Skagway at 7:00am. We meet for our excursion at 7:15. Big day on land tomorrow. We don't need to be back on the ship until 8:00 pm.

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