Damn, my eye hurts

For the past couple days I've had a stye in my right eye. I've had them before so it wasn't any great shock to see my eye lid puff up a little yesterday. I got some medicine and applied it a few times during the day and then again right before bed time. When I woke up this morning, I looked like I had gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson. My eye was swollen almost completely shut. What was worse was the fact that it absolutely hurt like hell. The only thing that didn't hurt was laying there with my eyes closed. So, that's what I did for much of the day.

This afternoon we watched a pretty entertaining movie: Monster-in-Law. It has J-Lo, Jane Fonda and Michael Vartan in it. But, Wanda Sykes steals every scene she is in. She is so damn funny! I won't bother you with what the movie is about. Check it out if it's on cable some time. I wouldn't go too far out of my way to see it, but it's entertaining enough…

So this evening, I'm feeling a bit better. I think the swelling has gone down a bit but my wife says it looks as bad now as it did this morning. Gee, that's comforting. Well, I guess we'll see what it feels like in the morning.

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  1. Craig "suited sevens" on September 22, 2005 at 7:39 pm

    So is this going to affect playing on Saturday or is that put to the backburner? Poker I mean? Besides doesnt going a few rounds with Tyson involve getting pumped to ya love him?

  2. Jason on September 23, 2005 at 11:35 am

    stye in your eye? Isn’t that a line Don McLean’s American Pie?

    Anyway, get better man. Found a ton of konfabulator widgets that you’ll get a kick out of.

    So how’s your next project coming along? Finish it yet?