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I've never been much of a football fan. But just about everybody I know is a big time football nut. So it makes it tough to hang around the water cooler when you don't know a field goal from a 2 point conversion. OK, I'm not a complete dumbass, I know the rules and scoring of football and I watch enough Sports Center to know the teams and several key players, but if you asked me how a specific team did last year, I'd have no clue. This year, I've decided to take a much deeper interest in the game of football. What better way to do that than by joining a Fantasy Football league?

Our draft was set up for today at 4:00 PM. Over the past week I had done some research and even created a spreadsheet with tabs for each position and a ranking system that I had found online somewhere. I cross-checked some names, tried to keep an eye on the news for injuries and basically thought more about football in the past week than I have over the past 10 years.

By random draw, I ended up picking 11th in the first round out of 12 teams. In the second round I'd pick 2nd and then it would be a bit of a wait before I picked again in the 3rd round. As the time was getting close I double-checked that I had everything I needed. Then, it was go-time!

As players were getting picked I'd mark them off my sheet. The big names that I expected to be taken went right away. After a few short minutes I was on the clock and ready to make my first pick. My goal here, don't make a fool of yourself. Don't pick somebody that people are going to say “Dude, you could have got him in the 6th round…” Actually, to be honest, that was my goal for the entire draft, not just the first round. Just don't be a complete idiot.

One thing that I realized I have going for me is that I have no pro team affiliation. I'm not a Chargers fan, I'm not a Raiders fan, I'm not a Patriots fan. As the draft was going on, you'd see certain teams picking guys off their favorite team just because they are on their favorite team. I think this is a huge mistake, but I'm a noob, so what do I know.

When all was said and done, I'm fairly pleased with my team. Our weekly team consists of 1 quarterback, 3 wide receivers , 2 running backs, 1 tight end, 1 kicker, 1 team defense, 1 defensive back and 1 defensive lineman. We also have 6 bench spots for a total of 17 draft rounds. Here's who I picked by round:

1. Larry Johnson, RB
2. Clinton Portis, RB
3. Plaxico Burress, WR
4. Matt Hasselbeck, QB
5. Dwayne Bowe, WR
6. Jeremy Shockey, TE
7. Donald Driver, WR
8. Dallas' Defense
9. Nate Kaeding, K
10. Jeff Garcia, QB
11. DeShaun Foster, RB
12. DeAngelo Williams, RB
13. Jerry Porter, WR
14. Nick Barnett, DL
15. Sammy Knight, DB
16. Deion Branch, WR
17. Arnaz Battle, WR

I'm fairly pleased with my team. Checking the match-ups for the first 3 weeks, Yahoo predicts I'll have more points than my opponents each week. So that's a good thing.

So, here we go. My rookie year as a Fantasy Football coach. How do you think I did draft-wise? Of the 17 picks I made, how many of them would you say were “good”, “OK”, “bad” or “horrible”?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. Todd on August 26, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    Oh, maaaaan…is this going to be what you post about for the next 3 months 🙂

    I find football expanding into all available space during the season and I feel like that marine with the sword fighting the dragon just trying to keep it at bay. I won't succumb…I won't!

  2. 408down on August 27, 2008 at 1:40 am

    Good picking up Burress (Superbowl WR) and Bowe (did well his rookie season, and expected to do better this year). Shockey is an ok pick, considering he's transitioning to a new team. Barnett and Portis are both consistent and reliable. I'm on the fence about Garcia (I'm bitter because he performed horrible as a Niner, improved as an Eagle, and is now a high-ranking QB in the NFL as a Buc), but for the sake of your FFT, nice pick. I don't agree with you snagging Hasselbeck, but hopefully we'll see better performance from him this year.

    Overall, not bad for your first season!

  3. John on August 27, 2008 at 5:25 am

    @408down – Ya know, I think Shockey is my list favorite pick I made. As soon as I did it, I wished I could take it back. Oh well, we'll see how he pans out. As for the rest, I'm just going to have to wait and see.

    @Todd – Shows how much you know about Football. It's going to be the next 6 months! OK, not really. I may throw an occasional update in, but I'm sure I'll have other drivel to write about between times.