Happy Birthday geeeek.com

It's hard to believe, but it was seven years ago today that I purchased geeeek.com. Several people over the years asked why I came up with geeeek.com with four “E”s and not some other random number of duplicate letters. The reason had to do with the purchase of a car. I had just bought a pick-up truck and was trying to come up with a personalized license plate idea. “geek” was already taken. I had already seen “webgeek” and “netgeek” driving around in my area, so I figured I would just fill up all 7 available letters that California lets you have. So, I tried to purchase “GEEEEEK”. It was taken. I was a little bit surprised. So, I shortened it by 1 and a “GEEEEK” was born. I followed it up by purchasing the domain name shortly after without having any real plan for what I was going to do with it.

Over the years the site has gone through many a design change. I used the WayBack machine to walk down Amnesia Lane. One of the first designs for the site was “borrowed” directly from eudora.com. The first recorded page is from April 1st, 2001.

While browsing archive.org, I realized that some of my earliest blog posts were actually written about a year before their dates that are listed on the current site. At some point during a switch over, some dates must have gotten munched. Oops.

It took just over 2 full years before geeeek.com became a blog. Back then I went through several different tools for producing the blog. It wasn't until 1/21/2004 that I installed WordPress and then migrated all the posts over. At the time of this writing, geeeek.com has 276 posts. Here are some of my favorite posts from over the years.

My first blog post is still one of my favorites, and, the annoyance of the Ketchup Burger still plagues me today! Actually, looking back at my first month of posting, I wrote a lot about my annoyances with fast food. Here is another gem from the fast food industry from 2005.

One post that has consistantly driven traffic to my site since the day I wrote it was a short post from November of 2003 about the game show Press Your Luck and the guy who basically held the show hostage and won over $110,000. Much of that traffic is from my #1 listing on Google for the search term “No Whammys”.

Back in Feb of 2004 I got the tattoo that will forever tell the world that I am a geek.

While going through my history, I realize I complain about the medical profession quite a lot. Some examples: Here, Here and Here

Ahh, the story of my first ever live No-Limit poker tournament. I had been playing poker for a while and this was certainly not my first tournament, but, I always had stuck to limit poker and I had even played some Omaha tournaments. It's a shame that Nevada Palace will be gone in less than a year from now and will be replaced by a new casino. Actually, it's not a shame at all. What was I thinking?

It was in August of 2004 that I realized how scary the word “Cancer” can be when the doctor is talking you you. This turned out to be cancer round 1. Round 2 happened in May of 2007.

Back in April 2005 I got to drive a race car 130+ MPH and didn't have to worry about the police chasing me.

I played in my first World Series of Poker event in June of 2005. I realize now how little I knew about the game back then…

In January 2006 I found out that my wife has the tendency to be way tougher than I am at certain times…

In February of this year I went on a diet and started exercising. I've since lost over 30 pounds.

In June of 2007 I wrote the post that got the most comments so far. Catching somebody stealing turned out to be a hot topic.

Over the years I have written about so many different topics. My site has gone from being a personal blog to a poker blog, to a collection of movie and book reviews and recently it went on a little trip to being an Internet marketing blog. I can't say for sure where it's going to end up. I like writing about Internet marketing and the cool tips and tricks that are out there. But, I also like writing about so many other topics that it's hard for me to stay focused. I'm pretty sure what I need to do is settle on one main genre for this site and then create different blogs for different purposes. I have already started a new one for my dieting / fitness and a different one for writing about poker. I'll have to see what topic comes up next.

I hope to see you all still here in 7 more years.

Thanks for hanging out.

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  1. Matt on September 6, 2007 at 5:19 am

    I will forever go down in history books as the first person to comment on your first post of your 7th year of internet geeeekness.

  2. Matt on September 6, 2007 at 5:20 am

    Actually, I suppose it would be 8th year. Dont blame my math, I was still in elementary school when you started this shit.

  3. 408down on September 6, 2007 at 6:02 am

    Kudos, man.

    The new look is good. A facelift every several years isn't so bad, as long as it's maintained in good taste (cuz you know some facelifts can gradually morph into something ugly).

    By the way, I like the diversity of your blog topics so I think you should kill the idea of narrowing this down to a single genre.

  4. Nick White on September 6, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    Hey John, been a while. Happy Blog Birthday, it's come a long way.

  5. Nita on September 9, 2007 at 10:07 am

    Congrats on the blog birthday! And I agree with Sarah. Keep the diversity. Blogs about one topic can get boring. But then again, what do I know. I maintain the least updated and least trafficked site on the internet!