How to stop a winning streak

Oh, that's an easy one to answer… Just mention that you are running good. Since my post about running good, let's see how things have gone:

– Final table of a tourney at South Coast Casino. I'm the chip leader. Get dealt pocket aces on the button. Raise 4 times the BB. The BB calls with 7/4 offsuit and flops a straight.

– 3 hands later in the same tournament, all-in pre-flop with pocket kings against A/K and Q/10. Flop comes with an ace and I'm all but out of the tourney missing the money by 3 spots.

– Playing in a no-limit cash game get dealt A/A on the button. Raise 4 times the BB. BB calls. Flop comes 2/2/4 – Pay off on the river to see that the BB had pocket 4s and flopped a full house.

– $225 tourney, loose aggresive player makes a raise. On the button I look down at pocket jacks. I move all in only to find that the original raiser has pocket aces.

So, I retract the “running good” statement. That streak had stopped pretty much the minute I hit “publish” on that previous post.

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