I must be getting old

I've been going to a few doctor appointments over the past month trying to get to the bottom of the pain I'm having in my wrist. I'm realizing how some things that I most likely wouldn't have even given a second thought to before, are now getting to me. A perfect example happened last night. I had to go for an MRI. It was the first time I had ever been to this office, so, I arrived early as I knew I'd be forced to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Sure enough. I go up to the receptionist to check in and she hands me 6 pieces of paper. 3 of them are double-sided. So, roughly 8 pages of info to fill out. On page 1, I fill out my name, address, insurance info and some other general info. Page 2 makes me fill out my name, address and some medical history. Page 3 asks for my name, address and some other info. Rinse, swish, repeat.

After filling out my name and address no less than 6 times, it occurs to me that this is sooooooo stupid. If my regular Dr. refers me a different Dr., why not transfer information such as my name, address and medical history in some sort of electronic fashion? Then, when I show up at the appointment they can check my driver's license to make sure I am who I say and then hand me, perhaps, a single page that has questions specific to this exact appointment.

I'm not the only one bothered by all the paperwork, am I?

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