I’m coming for you, Fran

At the CrossFit box I go to, we have a goal board where everybody writes down a few things they want to accomplish. Some people write about a certain skill they want to master. Others write about an amount they want to lift. I currently have 3 items written on the board. I'll talk about the others in an upcoming post, but for now there is one goal that I've got my sights set on. Complete Fran in under 10 minutes.

For those not familiar, Fran is a workout that contains two elements; Thrusters & Pull-ups. The rep scheme is 21-15-9. Meaning, you do 21 thrusters @ 95#, then 21 pull-ups, then 15 thrusters, then 15 pull-ups, then 9 thrusters and finish with 9 pull-ups.

The first time I did Fran was on 12/28/14 and I completed it in 13:14. It was right after this workout that I set my mind on getting under 10 minutes. I tried it again on 4/25/15 and finished in 10:50. Better, but not good enough!


This past week something clicked in my brain letting me know FOR SURE that I'm going to beat that 10 minute goal the next time I do Fran.

Why am I so certain? 2 things, really.

1. I've gotten so much better at doing butterfly pull-ups that I know I can knock out sets of 5-10 quickly without killing my arms.

2. (and this is the important one) Last week my coach was watching me do clean & jerks and he pointed out that when I'm done with the jerk and go to re-rack the bar in the clean position, I'm wasting a TON of energy by slowly lowering the bar rather than having quick elbows and creating a shelf to drop the bar on to. I paid attention on the next set, and sure enough, he was exactly right.

Hey Fran, wanna date?

I have been hyper aware of the re-rack portion of my lifts for the past week and it is AMAZING how many more reps I can do without getting tired (as quickly) just be fixing that one little element. So I figure it's time I ask Fran out for another date.

See you Saturday.

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