I’m happy for a really geeky reason

When you are big in to Nascar, you get excited when you learn that your favorite driver earned some new sponsorship or won the pole position for the big race. When you follow a band you get excited when you find some rare recording or get to see them at a tiny venue.

Well, I'm a geek. I get excited about some things that are probably going to seem, well, geeky. Like today when I loaded up my browser and pulled up the geeeek.com home page and found that I FINALLY have an alexa.com rating! They basically rate web sites by popularity. yahoo.com is ranked #1. google.com is ranked #3. As of today, geeeek.com is ranked 3,279,454. Watch out, Yahoo, here I come!

Even though my rating is 3 million plus, I'm excited and happy to see that some work I've been doing is actually paying off. I took a lot of tips from Jason on ways to improve the site. But, one of the main things I did is actually just starting writing a whole bunch. Amazing how much more often people will visit when the site actually changes from day to day.

So, for those of you who visit regularly, thank you. And for those of you who rarely ever visit, what's wrong with you?? 😉

Seriously, thanks for visiting.

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