Matrix: Revolutions

At the end of the movie, there was more than a couple of us looking at each other with a bit of a sideways look on our faces. We weren't exactly sure what we had just seen. The movie was just over 2 hours in length. In that time, you would think they would have been able to work in a few more fight scenes. I realize they had a TON of story, sub-story, back-story, and psudo-story lines to clean up and complete since this is the last movie in the trilogy, but come on! I want to see Neo and Smith or the two half-bald guys or Trinity and just about anybody kicking the living crap out of each other. Instead, they put in a few too many (and too lengthy) scenes in which Trinity explains how much she loves Neo. No Shit! We knew that in the last movie (hell, we new that in the first movie!) We get it. She loves him. Move on. Fight somebody… Oh, and how about the death scenes? COME ON! Get on with it and DIE already. I think I could have gone out, gone through the long line for a soda and made it back to my seat before the scene ended.

OK, enough complaining. I really did enjoy the movie (no, really). I LOVED the fact that they killed Trinity and Neo. As sappy as the sunrise (or maybe sunset) scene was at the end, just think of how hokey it would have been to see Trinity and Neo ride off in to the sunset! That would have just been too much to take! Thankfully, they didn't fall in to that trap.

I also really liked the plot twist where Neo lost his eyes but didn't lose his sight. I thought that was at least inventive and made way for a couple cool effects.

I plan on seeing the movie again in a few weeks when it comes to the iMax. Hopefully my bitterness will pass and I'll be able to enjoy the movie.

Long Live Neo….oh, wait… nevermind.

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