More Poker = Less Blogging

Well, I've figured it out… It had been driving me crazy. How come, all of a sudden, my blogging frequency had taken such a huge hit? Ahh yes, online poker…

Last year I went through basically the same thing. I was playing online almost every evening for hours and hours on end. Then, it got to the point where I was so fed up with it that I basically quit playing online and was only playing poker in live games or tournaments. When I look back at it I can see that when I quit playing online, the amount of blogging I was doing went way up. Here we are at the end of August and I've posted half a dozen times over the past two months… Gee, I wonder why that is?

I've been playing a LOT of poker online right now. And, the thing is, I'm totally enjoying it again. I'm sure it's all a big cycle and I'll end up hating it again in a couple months.. When that happens, I'll quit again for 6 months and as long as the government doesn't outlaw it by then, I'll come back and get immersed once again.

Right now I'm playing pretty low limits. $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Texas Holdem on Party Poker & $11 multi-table Sit ‘n Go tourneys on Party. I usually play 2 live tables and 1 SNG at the same time. I use software called Poker Tracker to track the players at the tables (it reads all the hand histories stored on the computer and then you can set it up to rate the players based on how many hands they play, how often they raise, fold, etc…) and I'm using to keep track of all my poker sessions. Since I've started back up I've booked winning sessions 66% of the time. And, my losing sessions have been minimal so I'm actually up a couple hundred since starting back at the virtual tables.

About 6 – 8 weeks ago when I logged back in to Party Poker for the first time in a LONG time, I found $100 in my account that I had apparently forgotten about. I had a couple of really good sessions and ran my account up to around $500. I then made the mistake that so many others have made before, I moved up to bigger games too quickly. Rather than continuing to play the $11 SNG tourneys, I started playing $33, instead. While it doesn't sound like much, you don't need to have too long of a losing streak to bring your bankroll back down to $0. I wised up and stopped the madness before I hit bottom, thankfully. So now I'm on a mission to build my bankroll steadily rather than going for the “Big Score.” My plan is to continue to play 2 live games and 1 or 2 $11 SNGs per night. If I finish in the money in either of the SNGs, I'll consider playing 2 more. Otherwise, I'll stick to the 2 live tables and see where that takes me. When my online bankroll reaches $1000, I'll move up to the next limits. I'll then set a new target and work steadily towards it.

Gotta run, I'm all-in.

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