Movies on the PSP

Watching movies on the PSP is pretty darn cool. Throw on a pair of headphones, pop in a flick and you have your own portable movie theater. My problem is, I'm already such a DVD junkie, getting hooked on buying movies for the PSP could be a baaaaaaad thing. What I need to do is make sure I buy DVDs that I may want to watch on the big screen. But, if it's something that I'm certain the wife will never want to see, buying it for the PSP might not be a bad idea…

I'm just looking for the prices to start falling on the movies so I can pick them up for about $10 each. At $20, I really have to think about it… I did find this site that you can sign up and download movies for the PSP. I haven't tried it yet, but, it looks pretty cool. I may have to give this a shot.

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