My kitty sings songs out it’s ass!

here kitty kitty kittyOh man, I'll bet PETA is gonna get pissed when they find out people are sticking an iPod Nano up their kitty's poop shoot.

OK, all attempts at cheap humor asside, this, to me is a rediculous product and it pains me to think of how many people actually buy them. What purpose do these serve? …….. I can't think of one! It's not cute, it doesn't help the sound any, it's not like it'll fit in your pocket. Oh, I know what will come out next, a cage for you to carry the kitty with the iPod in it's ass. [I'll finish this post after I run to the patent office.]

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  1. jessi on February 2, 2006 at 3:18 pm

    I could tell you what this looks like, but I think it’s a family blog. 🙂