New Years Eve Party

It's been a long standing tradition that on New Years Eve, rather than go out and brave the wild and crazy parties, instead we invite over some friends for some games. This year was no exception.

Yesterday started with me returning to work after 9 days off. It ended up being a half-day and we were let go at 11 AM. That gave me enough time to deal with approximately 1000 emails I had received over the past week. The funny part was, out of all of them, there were less than 10 that I actually had to reply to or deal with in some way. After work a small group of us went over to Buffalo Wild Wings for some lunch and a few beers.

We did a little bit of shopping for the party and then came home to straighten up the house. I then took a 2 hour nap in preparation for staying up late. I don't know if there is anything I enjoy more than a nice mid-afternoon nap.

People started showing up shortly after 7:00. We had some snacks and then I made a batch of Strawberry Margaritas. I haven't made them in quite a while, but I sure do enjoy them! I normally add a little bit of sugar, but forgot in the first batch. I was reminded of that fact and fixed the situation for batch #2.

When Sarah showed up, she had brought a bottle of Jager and also some banana flavoredMalibu rum, which I had never had before. She mixed a drink for Chris with some rum and OJ. Wow was that good! I'm talking DANGEROUS good. Tastes like candy, but puts you on your butt after you realize you've had 3 glasses.

Another drink that I tried last night for the first time was Tequiza. It's beer made with blue agave. It has a hint of lime flavor as well. I may just have to pick up some of those for the next poker night. It was really good!

The group had a good time playing Rock Band. We all took turns on drums, guitar, bass and vocals. Rock Band is the ultimate party game. Several times we had 4 players playing and a group of people watching and singing along in the background. They even let me butcher a few songs on vocals. I may not be able to sing, but I was still able to get a 98% score singing Radiohead's Creep. I was pretty stoked on that!

We also played a game called Taboo. I found out something quite interesting about that game. I am way better at playing that game after having a few drinks. I have played the game before and have NEVER done so well.

Thanks to those of you who came over to share in the fun of counting down the end of 2007! I had a great time. I look forward to many more opportunities to get together with you all again in 2008!!

Before I go, here's a video of Paxton on Guitar, Me on Drums, Craig on Bass and Ashley & Marcia on Vocals playing the Clash's Should I Stay or Should I go. Enjoy



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  1. Sarah on January 2, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Good party, J-dawg!

    I especially enjoyed when you fell off your chair…er, I mean when you were “pulled off” your chair. (snicker)

    Here’s a link to the aftermath, in case anyone is interested in that funny moment: