No wonder they work in fast food

As he set my order on the table, he says, “There are two slices of cheese, I put them both on top.”

I wasn't exactly sure what he meant, but I said, “OK” and began to eat. I then noticed that there was only one patty of meat. But, there was in fact two slices of cheese…

After I finished the single burger, I went back to the counter and placed an order for a DOUBLE cheese with DOUBLE meat burger. I explained to the guy that what I had wanted to begin with was a burger with 2 patties and two slices of meat. He apologized and then went back to explain to the cook what I wanted. He came back and apologized again and said he'd only charge me for a single burger since I made him feel bad (not quit sure how I did that…). I paid my bill and sat back down.

After a few minutes, the same employee from before calls out my order number. I raise my hand and he walks over and sets down TWO burgers. A quick look and I notice that they have brought me two double cheeseburgers. So I've now gone from having a single patty to having 5. Sheesh!

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