Open Wide!


As a kid I had a bad experience with a dentist. No, he didn't touch me “there”, you sicko! But, even to this day, I have a bit of a phobia of dentists I have several cavaties that I should get fixed and you are supposed to get a teeth cleaning ever 6 to 12 months. My last cleaning was…. I can't remember when.
After the filling fell out of my tooth yesterday, a trip to the dentist was pretty much mandatory. So I made an appointment for this morning. My mother-in-law, who also has had a bad experience with a dentist years ago, recommended her dentist. So I figured if he's good enough for her, then he's good enough for me.
When I got here this morning, I went through the “first time patient” forms and initial exam where they took about 20 x-rays. Since my tooth wasn't in pain, the doc wanted to schedule me to come back to start taking care of the many cavaties PLUS I was going to need a root canal on the tooth where the filling came out of. I asked the doc to file down the sharp edge on the one tooth and then I was headed out.
As I was discussing my upcoming appointments with the nurse, she asked when I wanted to come back. I said “as soon as possible.” WTF did I just say?
I scheduled myself to return today at noon for the first cleaning session. Then she asked how serious about how soon I wanted to get the root canal. She checked the schedule and says “he has an opening right now” so back in the chair I went.
I had some time between the end of that session and before my cleaning starts to grab a bite to eat (soft food!) and write this post…
I do have to say, the words root canal send shivers up my spine! But, this went pretty smoothly. Even though, while we were in the middle of it he found that my tooth had two canals. Just my luck! I think I will be less apprehensive before my next appointment. This is a good thing.

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