Opening Weekend Movies

It is not often that I'll go see movies on opening weekend. I usually wait until a movie has been out a week or two before I go see it in the theaters. But this weekend I sorta shot that plan in the foot. Yesterday we saw two movies, both of which were released this weekend.

In the morning we saw Vantage Point. The movie is about an assassination attempt on the US President as seen from 8 different points of view. It was pretty entertaining. I liked the way they fed revealed pieces of information bit-by-bit through each of the different view points.

In the afternoon we went back and saw Be Kind Rewind. This is a pretty silly movie about a guy (Jack Black) who becomes magnetized and erases all of the video tapes in his friends VHS video rental store. To avoid getting in trouble with the owner, they go out and re-shoot all the movies themselves. Their versions are all about 20 minutes long. Not a great movie, but I still enjoyed it.

As if that's not enough, on Tuesday night we are heading to the Palms to see a sneak preview of the new Will Ferrell movie, Semi-Pro. Saying that a Will Ferrell movie looks silly is like pointing out that Bill Gates has a bunch of money. But, if you want proof, here's the trailer. See, I told ya.

If that's not enough Will Ferrell for ya, it looks like he'll be staring in the new Land of the Lost movie coming out in summer of 2009. Sleestak's beware!

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