Photography as a hobby

I may have spoke about it before, but when I get in to something, my addictive personality tends to take over and I REALLY get in to it. One hobby that I have been interested in for a LONG time, but haven't really dove in to. Until recently, that is.

We are planning a trip to Alaska and since I figure it's basically a once in a lifetime trip, I want to make sure I capture it properly. With that in mind I went out and bought a Canon Digital Rebel. Once it arrived, I realized I don't know the first thing about photography. This lead to the first purchases for my new hobby; 2 photography books. Reading the books lead to the next three purchases; Polarizer filter, remote control for the shutter and a GPS location recorder. It surprises me to say this, but so far, that's where the purchases have stopped. And, until I learn a bit more and really figure out what type of photography I'm interested in, that's where the purchases will stay.

I'm quite interested in becoming a decent photography. Selling my photography or having it published has nothing to do with it. But, I've had decent cameras in the past and I've taken a dozen or so photographs that I consider great. That's a dozen great ones out of a couple thousand not so great ones. I would just like to increase the number of great shots I have in my collection.

The only way I'm going to get better is to keep shooting. But, I think it's important to also expand on the types of shots I'm taking. To help out with the diversity, I set up a photo-a-week group on Flickr. Each week a new topic is chosen and all the members of the group have to go out and take a photo on the specific topic. I've also been taking part in a weekly photo assignment from just for the extra practice. If you enjoy taking photos and want to take part in our weekly group shots, definitely sign up for our group.

Another way that I'm progressing my photography skills is by checking out other great photographers. There is no shortage of them on the internet. I've found several new photo blogs to check out on Very inspiring. You can check out my photo blog, which is still in it's infancy, at You can also check out my more of my photographs on my account.

If things go well, by this time next year I'll have a collection of photos worth showing off. We'll see how that goes.

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