Pre-Cancer still has the word “Cancer” in the title

A couple weeks back I wrote about my trip to the dermatologist's office. Since I wrote that before seeing the doctor, I didn't give any details about what the outcome was..

I was at the doctor because my wife had seen a spot on my chest that she didn't like the looks of. The first time I had skin cancer I found out because my wife didn't like the look of a spot on my cheek.

The doctor checked out the spot on my chest and said we'd keep an eye on it, but there was no need to remove it at this time. We will check it out again in 6 months at my next appointment. Since I was at her office, I also went ahead and got my 6 month check-up at the same time. While the spot on the chest was nothing to be concerned with, there was a spot on my back that she didn't like the looks of. So, she cut out a little chunk to do a biopsy.

After she removed the chunk, she asks me if it is OK if her office only call me if there is an issue. So I said, “You mean, if everything is fine, you won't bother calling?” she said, “Correct”. I agreed to it, but when thinking about it later, I was NOT really OK with it. But after a week had gone by and I hadn't received a call, I sorta put it out of my mind and figured I'd see her again in 6 months. . . . Wrong.

Last night there was a message on our home phone. It was the dermatologist's office. Please give them a call. Instant pit in my stomach.

I called this morning and was informed that I have a “Pre-Cancer” something or other and the spot that they took out did not remove it all. So, on May 18th I get to go back to the doctors office and have them remove another chunk from my back. Only this time, they go deeper and wider and it will require stitches to close. Lovely.

I think my timing for starting a diet, eating healthier, exercising and just in general getting in better shape couldn't be better. I seem to be falling apart and if I don't get healthier soon, I can only imagine the health problems I'm be forced to endure.

I guess this wouldn't be a bad time to put out a reminder about the fund raiser we are part of for Breast Cancer research. If you haven't already, please consider giving a donation here. Thanks.

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  1. Nichole on April 18, 2007 at 3:39 am

    Gosh this sucks! Was hoping that it would be OK. Good thing the Dr's office is close. You could actually sign in with them go home and wait on your couch and they can call you when the Dr is ready… Kinda like we do with Claim jumper when the wait used to be 3 hours!

    Had to make a funny otherwise I will cry..

    Love ya Bub!


  2. Sam (DaMule) Henness on April 18, 2007 at 7:41 am

    I don't know what the word is but I skin also requires the six mouth check so I know how it feels.

    Actual I never really went to a dermatologist’s before a I moved to LV from the UK but I went for some other issues and they decided to give me a look over and side the classic, "I don't like the look of that". Now I'm used to a slower system of health care when it comes to remove of things from my body, not because the system in the UK is bad just setup differently, but when they said do you want me to remove it now I wanted to say, no, I need time to get used to the idea, don't you just want to schedual me in for another day to do this, I don't want to hold up the other people or anything. But my wife was there so I had to man up about it.