Ratting out the Thief

After stewing on it for a couple days, I finally got around to contacting the corporate offices for the company who's employee I've seen stealing cash on no less than 4 occasions. I went to their corporate website and used the contact us form to send the following message:

Back in June of this year, I witnessed an employee at store #XXXX pocketing a few dollars that should have gone in to the register. A couple of times I “thought” I had seen it happen, but there were at least 2 times where, without a doubt, I SAW it happen.

I called and spoke with the store manager, XXX XXXX. She explained that she had suspected there may be something going on and she would take the person off the register and would watch them very closely.

I did this all anonymously because I visit this store at least 3 times a week and didn't want to cause any trouble.

Over the next couple months, it appeared that the issue had cleared up. Until this past Friday. I watched as he pocketed $7.00 that should have gone to the register. Then, if that wasn't enough, on Monday morning, I saw him AGAIN take $3.00.

I would have called the store manager and told her about it, but it is obvious that she doesn't have the ability to control it.

Here is the basic way he does it, when somebody hands him either exact change, or says “Keep the change”, since there is no need to open the register to make change, he hits a few buttons on the screen with his right hand while he palms the cash with his left hand. Since the rest of the staff will be on his right hand side, he looks over to make sure nobody is watching and quickly slides the cash in to his left pocket.

Without naming names (or even your company), I wrote a blog about it back in June:

I wrote a follow-up on Monday evening that you can read here:

I just thought you should know.

Best regards,

John Hawkins

So, I'm curious to see how this pans out. I wonder if they'll contact me and ask me to elaborate?

I'll let you know.

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