Recharging the batteries

For the past 4 months I have been working from home and I haven't really taken many days off. I usually use the weekends to work on projects that I have trouble getting to during the week when I spent most of my time answering emails or taking calls. But this weekend, I tried my best to get away from the computer and do some things other than stare at the computer screens for hours on end.

Friday we went to lunch with some friends at CPK in Town Square. At the end of the day I realized that this 2 hour break in the middle of the day caused me to be more focused in the morning and again in the afternoon. I got more done by missing 2 hours than had I been here the whole time. I think I should take advantage of that a little more often.

On Saturday we went to have breakfast with our friends Craig and Ashley and their new baby who are in town for a visit. Marcia, Brent and Michelle joined us as well and we had a great time BSing. The group came back to our place for a while to play some cards and just hang out. It was a great visit and reminded me how much I miss hanging with that entire group of friends.

Last weekend Chris and I got a really nice head start on cleaning out the garage and we wanted to get a bit more done before it starts to get too hot to work out there. We've been doing great at getting rid of stuff that we just don't need. Saturday afternoon we took another truck-load of stuff to GoodWill and filling up a trashcan and a half. In the spirit of not trying to do too much all at one time, we probably still have one or two more sessions to go before we are really done, but it sure is heading in the right direction, finally.

Saturday evening I watched game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I can't really say it was a GOOD game, but it sure was exciting to watch. After 5 goals in the first period, I expected the game to tighten up. Not even close. Another 5 goals were scored in the 2nd before it finally calmed down and only 1 was scored in the 3rd. I will say that these two teams don't seem to like each other much. There is a LOT of hitting going on and I expect this series to get really nasty before it's over. Before the series started I said that I'm rooting for Philly, but my gut says that Chicago will win in 6 games.

On Sunday, I spent some time at the computer while Chris and her Mom worked on cleaning upstairs. (They are doing a great job of getting our house back in order.) I spent some time trying to work on a couple projects, but really was just not feeling it. I played some online poker and did a little file cleanup that was long overdue, but not really much of anything.

In the afternoon, Chris and I headed over to the Rio to check out the World Series of Poker. Somebody we know was playing still in on day 3 of the Champion's event and we wanted to see how he was doing. Unfortunately he was severely short-stacked and busted out about 20 minutes after we showed up. No, I don't think the two events are related.

That brings us to today. I got up early (again!) and rearranged the poker room so we could have access to the treadmill. I set it up and walked 2 two miles. We have a TV set up in front of the treadmill, so time flies pretty well when you are walking and watching Galaxy Quest.

We took the kids to see Shrek Forever After. I've been wanting to see it even though I wasn't expecting a lot from it. I've enjoyed the first 3, but really, the 3rd was a far cry from the first 2. I definitely can't say this one was as good as the first 2 either, but we did enjoy it.

We stopped by the mall and I got to shoot this silly video of Paxton in the Hurricane Simulator.

Really it's been a pretty low-key weekend. But, with trips planned for Chicago, Orange County, Reno and Lake Tahoe already for June, it feels good to get the batteries recharged now.

How about you? How was your holiday weekend?

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