Reckless Kelly and Micky and the Motorcars in LA

Chris and I are big fans of the bands Reckless Kelly and Micky and the Motorcars. It has even been mentioned that we might be groupies. For your consideration, I present to you the charges:

  • We've seen Micky and the Motorcars in Vegas one time.
  • We've driven to Los Angeles to see both bands together twice.
  • We've driven to Idaho to see both bands together once.
  • We are planning to drive back to Idaho in August to see them play again.

Verdict: Guilty. We're groupies.

We left the house in Vegas around 8 and made it to grandma's house just after lunch. Dropped off the kids and grandma's house, drove around the south bay for a bit and then headed up the 405 freeway in afternoon traffic. Ahh, how I don't miss the 405 parking lot… We had dinner at a tiny place called Dan Tana's, that seems to be a bit of a hidden treasure. After dinner we walked next door and got in line. Even though I grew up in So Cal, I had never before been to the Troubadour before.

It probably doesn't help the groupie argument to tell you we were actually the first ones in line.

First up was Micky and the Motorcars. Of the four shows we've seen, this was the best set list by far. They played both mine and Chris' favorite songs, plus a slew of other great tunes that we both really like. The sound down front wasn't great, but it's always a blast being right up front with all the drunken crazy chicks.

One of the great things about going to see these guys is that before and after their set, they typically hang around the bar area and are extremely accommodating. They'll hang out and chat with fans right up until show time and then again after their off stage all the way through the end of the other bands playing.

After a quick set change, next up was Reckless Kelly. By the time they went on stage, the place had filled up pretty well. This means more drunk chicks to hang out with down front. This is really a good and bad thing. Good because it adds to the entertainment value of the show, bad because the likelihood of getting drinks spilled on you increases ten fold.

Reckless Kelly came on around 10:15. Just like with Micky, they played a ton of our favorite songs and we both agreed this was a better set list than either of the two times we had seen them previously. Part of that could be due to the fact that they played for 2 full hours. About 3/4 of the way through the show, Chris and I had had enough of the drunken chicks down front and decided to move a little further back. The place was small enough that even from the back, we were still only 20 feet from the stage. Plenty close to still enjoy the show and much less likely to end up wearing Bacardi and Coke.

When the band went off stage before their encore, Chris and I took the opportunity to go check out the merchandise and we each got a Micky and the Motorcars shirt and I got a Reckless Kelly sticker to add to my laptop. We made it back in time to hear them do a cover of the Beatles' Revolution and then end the show with Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah.

Rather than sticking around after the show to meet the bands again, we high-tailed it out of the Troubadour and headed off to Pink's Hot Dog stand to meet my sister and her boyfriend for a late night snack. Pink's had an hour wait but they had already been in line for 55 of it so we snuck right in there.

We had a great time seeing two excellent live bands and you can be sure that this will not be the last time we see either band play live. If things go as planned we'll be in Idaho for the Braun Brothers Reunion in August and HOPEFULLY we can get the bands to add Las Vegas to their list of places to play! Do yourself a favor and pick up Naive by Micky and the Motorcars, and, Reckless Kelly Was Here.

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  1. Jake Ludens on April 10, 2009 at 2:44 am

    Awesome! – Wish I could have made that trip. Anyone who has not heard these bands, check them out, you won't be sorry.