Rock Band for the PS2? Probably not before Christmas

Today was supposed to be the release date for Rock Band for Play Station 2. I took an early lunch break today at work to go out and buy it. I started out at Fry's. I'm 99% certain that the lady I spoke with had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I asked if they had the game for PS2. She sends me to a display up front and says if there are none up there, they are out. But, the thing is, the display was for Guitar Hero, not Rock Band. There was physically no space for boxes of Rock Band to have been sitting there at any point in time. I walked around for 5 minutes and then left.

 Next I went to Guitar Center. Yes, I know they sell REAL guitars there, but last month they were selling Guitar Hero 3 so I thought the trip was justified. Especially considering it's in the same parking lot as Fry's. Sadly, that was strike 2. However, the guy suggested I try the new Target store on Blue Diamond.

On the way to Target, I called Game Stop. They have a shipment in route, but it's not arriving until Thursday. On top of that, they only have enough to cover their pre-sale orders.

At Target, I thought I struck gold. I walked to the back of the store, found the game section and THERE IT WAS! I could see 5 Rock Band boxes. When I got up close, 3 of them were for PS3 and 2 of them were for XBox 360. Poop. I found another shelf with more copies for the PS3. Asking the staff at Target was as helpful as the staff at Fry's. They had no clue.

By this time my lunch break was mostly over. I headed back to work bummed out. After work I would try one more place. Toys R Us.

After stopping at our storage unit to pick up all the Christmas decorations, we headed to TrU. We found more copies of Rock Band for the PS3, but again, not for the PS2. We asked the lady behind the counter and she said that it has been delayed and they have no idea when it's coming in. She sounded convincing (unlike the yahoos at Fry's and Target) but I'm hoping she was wrong.

I have Rock Band pre-ordered through and yesterday they updated their release date for the game to say December 28th. I'm really hoping to have the game at the house before New Years Eve. We are going to have some friends over and I'm really looking forward to rocking our faces off!

Cross your fingers for me.

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