Secret Santa day plus company gifts

Today at the office, a group of us all swapped Secret Santa gifts. I have to say that the gift I was given is absolutely perfect for me and I will DEFINITELY put it to use. It's a desktop charging station. You put a power strip inside it and then there are 3 spots on top, plus a tray in the front where you can set items like cameras and cell phones when they need to be charged. The charging cords are all out of the way and kept neat and tidy. I currently don't know who my Secret Santa was, but I thank you very much (whoever you are).

I was happy to see the reaction from the person for whom I played Secret Santa. We picked up a gift set from Bath and Bodyworks. It came with a purse plus 3 full-size bottles of lotion, bath gel and one other item. I got an awesome deal on it, so she was convinced that we went way over our $20 limit. Not so. I'm just that good of a shopper. OK, fine. I got lucky.

Today was also the day that our company handed out some other gifts. Each employee was given a list of 9 gift packages that we could choose from. I decided on the iPod Nano 3rd Gen. Yes, I already have a Nano, but not one of the new ones that plays videos. My Son has already asked if he can have my old one. We'll see how it goes.

Speaking of the family, tonight was pretty cool. I got to play Rock Band with both of my kids. I played drums, my Son played guitar and my Daughter sang. We performed Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive. It was so much fun playing with both of them. We then switched it up to let my Daughter play drums. That didn't go so well and we ended up quitting. I tried to get her to go back on vocals, but she didn't know any of the other songs on the list and didn't want to play anymore. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully we can talk her in to playing again.

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