So much music out here

This week I've run across a bunch of new music. I'm not going to say it's all great music, but, it all got my attention for one reason or another.

1. I had heard a snipped of a song on the country station that I thought was a band called “Big & Rich”. Trust me, if you watch any TV, you've at least heard this band. They have one of their songs in about every 3rd commercial this past year… Anyway, I turned the station and that was the end of that. But then, on Saturday, flipping channels on TV we landed on the country video station.. that's when I was treated to Cowboy Troy. He's a black country singer/rapper. His type of music, well, he calls it “HickHop”. Man, I sure wish I was making that up. Go to his site and watch the video for “I played Chicken With the Train”. At first it was like a train wreck that I couldn't stop watching. Then, it sorta grew on me. It's sorta catchy.

2. This morning on my way to work on the comedy station they played a song by an artist named “MC Hawking”. The song is called “The Big Bizang”. This music is rap music as done through a speak-n-spell which makes the guy sound like Stephen Hawking. Trying to find the song to download, I ran in to Go there and watch a video or two. They are a riot.

3. While showing the previous site to Justin, he turned me on to People have taken lyrics to favorite songs and set them to music. But, all the lyrics are “spoken” by the techno voice that is used on to show you how to pronounce a word. Some really good tunes here. Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park, and of course, Barry Manilow.

So go check 'em out and let me know what you think…

(side note: Since the moment I started writing this, I can't get that damn Cowboy Troy song out of my head. It's gonna be a long day.)

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