Sorry Blog Rush, 3 strikes, you’re out

Based on my personal experience with BlogRush and after hearing some other bloggers talk about the large number of impressions and the drastically low number of clicks they were receiving, it was becoming quite obvious that the real winner in all of this is BlogRush themselves. I certainly don't have a problem with a company offering a service but yet reaping the rewards. Heck, isn't that what Google does? They seem to be doing OK and I don't hold it against them that they benefit off me checking my email on their site rather than another. But, I digress…

Strike 1 for BlogRush came Monday morning when there had been dozens of impressions and zero clicks on any of my served up headlines. That was actually only half of it. The other half being that I had still yet to run across my own blog title and link in a BlogRush application on any other site.

Strike 2 came Tuesday morning. By this time, my interest in keeping the app on my page had already hit the skids. So when I loaded up my front page and it took an extra 10 seconds while it tried to load the BlogRush app, if I had not been at work and heading in to a meeting, I would have removed the code right then and there.

Tuesday ended up being busy and I never got back around to removing the app from the site. Then came Wednesday.

When I loaded up the page on Wednesday morning, in place of the BlogRush app was an error message. Apparently they were having troubles with their system and they would be back up soon. Strike 3. This time I was not heading in to a meeting so I removed the app from the site immediately.

This is certainly not the first web tool that came on like a lion and left with a wimper and I'm sure it won't be the last. I wish the guys over at BlogRush all the success they can handle. But, you'll need to get there without this geek.

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  1. Cheree on September 25, 2007 at 8:32 am

    How ironic! I actually found your blog through BlogRush!