Speed Links: 1/8/08

The following are a few sites I've run across lately that I thought some of you might like:

Waiter Rant
This is a blog written by a waiter in a high end restaurant in the NYC area. The guy is a great writer and his stories are quite funny. He was recently nominated for the 2007 Reader's Choice award for Funniest Blog. After reading several posts over the past couple days, it's clear to me that he's definitely worthy of the award.

While looking at the tour dates page for a band I'd like to see come to Vegas, I was presented with a banner that said “Want to see this band in Las Vegas? Demand it!” By clicking the link you are letting the band know that somebody in your city wants to see them. They can then use that information to find out where their fans are the most passionate about seeing them. Brilliant.

“The Social Web Browser” is how they describe their product. This is a free browser available for Mac, PC or Linux that integrates all most of your social media sites in one place. It saves your logins for the different sites and then you have the ability to drag/drop links or photos to your friends, post directly to your blogs, read all your RSS feeds and much much more. I've messed with it a bit over the past few weeks. If you spend a decent amount of time on social networks, you are going to love this browser.

That's it for now. More later.

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