Thank you for letting me vent

I've taken a renewed interest in blogging lately. I blame Chris Lema and the ‘Press the Button' guy from Pressnomics. So I've spent some time cleaning up my site, which includes going through my old draft posts to see what I had thought about writing. I found about a dozen drafts dating back to early 2010. I deleted most of them, but kept this one. Here's what was stored as the original draft:

A few years back, one of my good friends quit his job and started playing poker full time. Since I was also playing quite a bit of poker during that time, he would call me up to discuss specific hands and situations. Talking poker with some people is very difficult because they have a hard time seeing any other way of playing a hand or situation other than the one they chose at the time. It wasn't like that with my friend, though. He would explain the situation and he'd explain what he did and what the final outcome was. In turn, I would throw out another possible way the situation could have been handled. It wasn't about being right or wrong, it was just about looking at things from a different angle. During the year he played full time, we probably spoke 4-5 times each week.

I thoroughly enjoyed our poker chat sessions. The idea of playing poker for a living was intriguing to me, so it was fun to get to live vicariously through him for a year. Unfortunately, even though he was a winning poker player, at the end of the year he gave it up and went back to work.

Shortly after he went and got a ‘real job', I had quit my job and started my own company. I turned the tables on my friend and would call him for advice on certain situations. He would give me other ways to look at things. It didn't matter if I took his course of action or my own, just having an outside person to bounce ideas off of was a HUGE help mentally.

Timing is a funny thing. Even though I didn't post this back in 2010, reading it now it seems just as timely. Over the past few months I have reached out to several people in and out of my own industry for guidance and advice. Having people who are willing to spend time helping you out when there is absolutely nothing in it for them is an amazing feeling.

Not every call conversation was about looking for advice, either. Some times it would simply be having an uninvested person to vent to. Somebody who has likely been in the same position in the past and can nod along knowingly. It's not always about solving. Sometimes it's just about venting.

So, just a quick shout out to Scott, Andy, Andy, Chris and Tim. I hope I can return the favor.

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