The not-so-perfect Valentine’s date

Ahh yes, Valentine's Day. The holiday created by Hallmark and the florist industries. The holiday that probably causes more tension between couples than any other. After everything that happened yesterday, I can certainly see why.

Our dinner reservations were set for 8:30. I checked the movie schedule and saw that Juno was playing at about 10. But, since we had Chris' mom hanging out with the kids we didn't want to stay out too late, so we opted to go to the movies before dinner. No problem, there was a 6:00 showing. That would leave plenty of time to see the movie and make it to dinner. Done deal!

We leave the house at about 5:40 and arrive at the theater at 6:00 straight up. Perfect! We walk up to the ticket counter and find out that the movie times listed online were wrong. The movie didn't start at 6:00. It started at 5:25. Shit. Our options for 6:00 movies were “Jumper” and “Meet the Spartans”. Chris didn't know what Jumper was so she wasn't sure she'd want to see it, so we went with Meet the Spartans. Wow, that movie was bad. I was expecting it to be just sillyness, which it is… but it's really not all that funny. There are some funny things in it, but overall, I could have skipped it.

The movie was pretty short (probably the best thing I could say about it), so we ended up having PLENTY of time to drive to dinner. Since it was so cold last night we decided to just go directly to the restaurant and have a drink in the bar while we waited for our table.

We arrived at The Tillerman at about 7:50. We checked in with the girls at the front counter and they informed us that it would probably be 8:30 before we were able to be seated. We had expected that, so it was no big deal. The bar ended being PACKED so we found seats in the reception area instead. By about 8:20 we started hearing several people complaining about their reservation time having passed already. Ours did the same. At about 9:00 we finally got seated. Our waiter brought us some drinks and gave us the rundown of the lobster specials. We both ordered steaks (Filet Mignon for Chris, Porterhouse for me) and we ordered an appetizer of Spicy Thai Calamari (which were thankfully NOT that spicy). Our appetizer arrived a few minutes later and it was cold.Then a few minutes after that they served us our salad. They serve it on a Lazy Susan with several items around the outside for you to add to your salad. I requested some ranch dressing that our waiter told us was available but wasn't on the Lazy Susan. After 5 minutes of waiting, I went ahead and used the Bleu Cheese. Then came the main course. I am fairly certain that I have never had a steak that had so little flavor.

When I am spending $140 on dinner for two, I expect to enjoy my meal. Hell, when I spend $50 for dinner, I expect to enjoy it. The thing is, if I spent $50 and didn't like it, it wouldn't have stung so much. Oh well, lesson learned. I will not be returning to The Tillerman. The thing that bums me out most about the dinner isn't the money, it's the fact that I could have gone to several other places and spend the same (or even less) on dinner and I know Chris and I would have both enjoyed our dinner much much more.

On the bright side, I have an awesome wife. For Valentine's day she got me a hat that she had embroidered with and a hat that matches our softball team colors with my number (42) on it. She also bought me Guitar Hero 3 for xBox 360 WITH the wireless guitar. She is so awesome.

Despite the crappy movie and dinner, we still had a very nice time. When you spend time with good company, what's going on around you doesn't always matter.

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  1. David on February 15, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    True dat – you are a very lucky Geek.

  2. Nita on February 17, 2008 at 4:36 am

    "When you spend time with good company, what’s going on around you doesn’t always matter."

    Very wise words. A++ will read again.